What would you like to attract into your life this week?

When I draw up my weekly plan I have a section entitled “What I would like to Attract this week,” eg Two more perfect clients, a brilliant solution to a relationship issue. You could describe these as “Requests to the Universe.”

I was talking with a client and she was saying that she needed a laptop to prepare her lessons for the college where she works, teaching IT, and for promoting and developing her own business. She didn’t have the cash available to buy one. Maybe she needed to put out “A Request to the Universe.” 4 days later, I received this email from her

I am typing this message to you from home on my brand spanking new laptop, and I am completely stunned, overwhelmed and surprised by how it has come into my possession…! This morning I came into College (after having taken yesterday off due to stress), and was greeted with the usual chaos, this time related to me possibly being kicked out of my much fought for classroom. I cracked a hissy fit at the security guard, told my students to stay there until I sorted out what was happening, and stomped off for a coffee. Upon my bad-tempered return to the classroom, one of my students stood up, said that the class had a gift for me and promptly handed over a brand new laptop that they had all chipped in to buy for me! I was (and am) touched, stunned, amazed, speechless, humbled…words can’t begin to describe it. They said that I’d done so much for them already that it was their pleasure to do this for me. It’s exactly what I need, and has all the features I would have looked for in a laptop if I was shopping for one myself – wireless, webcam, CD burner, plenty of USB ports, etc. And they have loaded it up with Windows 7, Office, anti-virus software…everything I need :)

I’m still completely overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness, and just in awe of the whole situation and the Universe, really. Wow. What a ride this week has been…! Expect to be hearing from me more often now that I’ve got my laptop + internet situation so swiftly sorted ;) Wow.