A New Perspective

tadpolesHow would it be if you had spent all your life under water, and woke one morning to find that you had lungs that needed to breathe air, and limbs instead of a tail? I’ve been watching the tadpoles in my pond over the last few weeks as their little legs have been growing, their tails diminishing and their faces looking more and more froglike. Two of them are now coming up for air and climbing up the sides of the pond. I’ve built them a wooden ramp, but they seem to prefer climbing precariously up the stems of the plants.  I guess that we have all been through a similar transition,  leaving the safe watery womb and emerging into a new world.  From thereon our life is all about changes, transitions and new perspectives.

May we all embrace the changes in our life with the ease of my “frogling” friends and the trust and wonder of a new born baby.

This photo is of Tadpoles swimming through a forest of lily pads in Cedar Lake on Vancouver Island, Canada.  Photo credit, Eiko Jones Photography;