Happy Fun Day


I have been out in the garden since 10:30; it is now 6:00pm. What a Fun Day! I got up at 5:00 and walked the dogs, went to collect drinking water and deliver some avocado saplings which had sprouted in the worm farm.  Then I took my shears down to Graham, the handyman/share trader/psychologist/sheep shearer (Is the anything he hasn’t done?). I got him to show me how to sharpen them. Came back with a handy file, some plants from his garden, a pair of working shears and some old shade cloth.

I sharpened up my second pair of shears for practice, so I wouldn’t forget how to do it. I trimmed my ficus trees, hauled everything off the back patio and rigged up some shade cloth. The plan is to tie the cloth up for now and see if it does the job.  I took my mobile phone with me while I clambered up on the roof, and then realised if I were to fall off then I would be on the ground and my mobile would be up on the roof Duh!

Thoroughly cleaned the back patio, re-potted plants, cleaned out the water feature/ponds, de-cobwebbed the tables and chairs. I even washed the ficus trees. They are under cover so get dusty without rain on their leaves.

A clean, fresh start to a Bright New Year and ready for any hot sticky days that may come