Seeing the Value

Seeing the value

This photo from Old Moss Woman’s Secret Garden is of young tomato seedlings growing safely in broken eggshells. She writes “My thoughts are to plant the egg shell with the tomato, cracking the bottom and pulling the shell up the stem a bit to irritate the slugs. I regularly distribute crunched egg shells under the tomato plants to repel slugs, they hate the abrasive little daggers.”

This got me thinking about how we reject and discard so many things. We label things as broken, bad, mistakes, weaknesses, character flaws

Eggshells have a perfect place in nature, not only do they protect the egg, but once they have fulfilled their primary function they are excellent for repelling slugs around the base of young plants, and of course they eventually break down and add nutrients to the soil. A complete life cycle.

How does this apply to your life? What are the aspects of your character or your life which you see as weaknesses or as “broken?”

Let’s learn to value and appreciate ALL of ourselves. It’s not what you have that matters most, it’s how you appreciate, see the value, look after and use it that makes the difference.