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February 2015

Thoughts from Susie Ascott on living your Perfect Life 

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Exploring Mindfulness Meditation



A practical introductory workshop where we practice breathing techniques and meditation.

No prior experience required
Cost: $35

Dates: Sunday 1st March  2:00pm– 4:00pm


Developing a Personal Practice


If you would like to practice yoga at home, but can’t quite make it happen, then this is the workshop for you.

We consider Why, Why Not, When, What and How to enjoy your home practice.


Cost: $45
Dates: Sunday 8th March:1:00pm-4pm.



Exploring Pranayama


Pranayama translates as control of prana (life force.) In our western culture we normally refer to pranayama techniques as breathing exercises. In this workshop we take the opportunity to explore and practice some of the basic techniques.


Cost: $35

Dates: Sunday 26th April  2pm-4pm




On-line course – Live the Life You Really Want



I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me achieve something I believed was so far out of reach. I completed your online coaching course last year.  As part of that you helped me dream and plan for owning my own home and clearing my financial barriers. Well, I move into my first house in 2 weeks time! It’s a little cottage on a large block where I can grow veggies, have chickens and set aside a space for yoga and meditation.  All things you helped me visualise and ultimately make happen”


Cost: $160 for 6 week course


Dates: Start whenever you are ready


What’s been Happening?

I completed a Permaculture Design course. If you are interested to know more about this then you might like to read my  design submission  As well as a design for my garden, I also produced a design for my lifestyle based on permaculture principles.




I am happy to have a roof that no longer leaks, a Solar Hot Water system that no longer leaks, Solar power and a beautiful Rain Water tank.

The neighbours are kindly tossing their grass cuttings over the fence and giving me their veggie scraps. The local veggie shop is giving me their scraps and the local café is giving me their coffee grounds, so lots of composting and worm farming to keep me amused and feed the soil. 



My daughter, Nicki, completed her post grad in Exercise Physiology (being awarded Dux J ) and has started a 4 year degree in Physiotherapy. Becoming a Physio has been her ambition since she injured herself playing soccer when she was 12, so this is a great milestone and I am very proud of her.


I am very grateful to all the loyal yoga students who practice with me and for the coaching clients who continue to inspire me as they follow their dreams.  This Christmas and New Year period I chatted with former clients whom I hadn’t spoken with for several years. So wonderful to see how they are thriving.  Phd s completed, moves to Europe, UK and USA, marriages, babies, books published, new businesses doing well, fulfilling career moves and lots of smiles J 


I received this “thankyou”  audio (3 mins) from a client in Finland regarding an e-course she completed with me in 2010

3 years on


Facebook Page

I am using Facebook to let you know of more “in the moment” information, such as the “sankalpa” (intention or theme) of our yoga class for the coming week, changes to the yoga timetable and upcoming workshops. So, if you would like to keep up to date with events in the Present Perfect world you could choose to “Like” this page.  Present Perfect @ Facebook


What are you focusing on?

I expect you have heard the statement that “we get what we focus on.” 

This became very clear to me when I was hang-gliding.  In essence, the way you steer the hang glider is to align your body so that you are facing in the direction you want to travel. If you are coming in to land on a Welsh hillside and you see a dead sheep, and you keep staring at the dead sheep, guess where you land! 


One aspect of yoga poses is your “dristi,” where you are looking. For example, one of the keys to jumping from downward dog to a forward fold at the front of the mat is to look at or beyond the place where you would like your feet to land.


So your focus may be as simple as where you are looking.  If you spend all day focused on a computer screen or under fluorescent lights, it makes sense to change your focus and spend some time looking at the night sky or watching the sun set or rise over the ocean or looking at a patch of green.


Focus can also refer to what actions and activities you are focused on, i.e. traditional goal setting, task scheduling and the priorities you assign to each goal or task.


We can also find ourselves in a state of mind/body where we feel scattered, ungrounded and unfocussed and nothing much gets done…this is leads to the land of procrastination.


Is your media (facebook, news reports, reading and viewing matter) full of gloom and doom, or suggesting ways to reduce suffering? Is it focused on criticism, blame and  judgement or is it informative, inspirational and discerning?


A more subtle aspect of focus is where our thoughts and feelings are focused. When you are problem solving, for example, are you focused on the problem or on possible solutions?  Are your decisions focused on fear or faith in yourself? 


Are you heading your hang-glider towards the dead sheep, or the soft grassy spot?  Journaling and mindfulness meditation are two techniques that can help us find out just where our minds and hearts are really focused.


What are you focusing on?  and What will you chose to focus on?  Send me an email,  and let me know. The first 3 people to do so will receive 50% off the price of any workshop.

Workshop Schedule

To date, all workshops have been held in the Mount Claremont area. I am open to running a workshop in your own home or other venues.


Exploring  Mindfulness Meditation

Cost: $35

Dates: Sunday 1st March  2:00pm– 4:00pm


Developing a Personal Practice

Cost: $45

Dates: Sunday 8th March 1:00pm-4:00pm


Exploring Pranayama

Cost: $35

Dates: Sunday 26th April  2:00pm-4:00pm


On-line course – Live the Life You Really Want

Cost: $160 for 6 week course

Dates: Start whenever you are ready


Concessions available


To book or suggest other dates or venues  just drop me an email at   or call or text me on 0413 822 870


Yoga Time Table
















9:00 -10:00















For details of venues and for extra classes or changes please see my web site


Thanks for reading!!

Smiles, Susie