I’ve written a book!


I am excited to let you know that I‘ve written a book!

Self Care isn’t Selfish – Your roadmap for taking responsibility for your own happiness

I am finalising details with the publisher now and anticipate that the book will be available around the end of February.

“Have you ever found yourself saying or thinking “What about me!  When do I get a go?” and immediately felt guilty?

If being kind, helpful and caring towards others is a natural part of who you are, but you find it hard to do something kind for yourself, this book is for you.

This book shows you how to use your skills of kindness and unconditional support to embrace the power of self-care.

How to walk steadily away from the lands of Exhaustion Hollow and the historic Shire of “Should,” avoiding  Depression Swamp and  Passive- Aggressive Trap,  skirting Martyr Mountain Range,  navigating the stumbling boulders of Anger Volcano,  Go Round Again Circuit, Asking for Help Rockface and Beating Oneself up Bushlands,  and spend your life in The Heartlands, balancing self care with caring for others”

Watch this space for updates on availability, how to purchase, and free download of chapter 1