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About Susie

Me on the ferry with someone dozing in the background

In September 2016 I moved from Perth in Western Australia to the peace and serenity of beautiful Bridgetown WA.  In 2014 I received a Certificate in Permaculture Design, and am applying the theory and getting my hands dirty with just under an acre of land to care for.

I was born in Dorset, England, and conceived in Ireland and feel a strong pull towards Celtic culture and consider Glastonbury, in Somerset, England to be my spiritual home. The sub-zero temperatures of the winter nights in Bridgetown certainly make me feel
“at home”

My father was an engineer, my mother, an artist and my sister was a research chemist who became a massage therapist and mediator. I am grateful to them all for the analytic/creative balance this gave me.

I moved into coaching from a background of over 25 years of sales and support services in the corporate world. My degree is in Computer Science. My roles have included management, consultancy and project management in the UK and Australia. I have been coaching since 1997 and I am a graduate of Coach University: www.coachu.com.

I have been teaching Hatha Yoga since July 2006, and my Yoga practice is an important part of my life.  I am studying with Dr Jonn Mumford,and completed a 2 year Diploma in Om Kara Kriya  and a Keys to Karma course in 2012 and a Nada Yoga course in 2013.


Am I the right coach for you?

“Kindly let me help you, or you will surely drown, said the monkey, putting the fish safely in a tree.” Alan Watts

We are each individual, and you have your own dreams, talents, gifts and challenges. I promise I will not put you in a tree if you are authentically a fish!

My coaching style, like my lifestyle, is relaxed and yet still focussed. I believe that life isn’t meant to be a struggle. If you are looking for a coach who is going to encourage you to continue to stress, struggle and strive for end results with no thought for the enjoyment of the process, then I am not the right coach for you.

My vision is of a world filled with joy and laughter, where people work and play together in a spirit of co-operation and mutual support.

In today’s world, it is so easy to become focused on where we are going rather than enjoying where we are right now. We sacrifice today in the hope of a better future, only to discover that achievement rarely leads to true joy.

Why not live an extraordinary life now? With a clear vision of our direction and the attributes and characteristics of our desired future, we can come back to the present, enjoy now and have a fulfilling life.

An old road that leads to a Cromlech (ancient stone circle)If you want to achieve your dreams AND enjoy the journey, then let’s talk! Contact me to organise a complimentary coaching conversation.

“As a bonus, there comes small surprises along the way – things you had not even intentionally marked down as something you want to work with. All of a sudden you just realize things and change the way to think and act.


A bonus on the way for me has been to grow more self-compassionate. I am going well! And I DO achieve stuff all the time. When I don’t it’s not that bad – there is usually some reason for it and I can more easily get back to where I want to be after a “bad week or month”. Before, I would let things go quite far before I realized that I should stop, think the situation through and find a remedy to it…and change the small things I was doing! Now, I can more easy recognize the emotion – ‘everything is not all right now’ – and start thinking about what to do to change things. Because I know that I CAN change things. It is not Susie making those changes, it is me. But to get me to go in the direction I want to go in, Susie has been a tremendously big help and a “guide”walking somewhere with me on the road. Someone I can turn to when I want to discuss what road I could possible want to take next. I know that I have the answer, but through discussions, very spot-on questions and concrete exercises and examples, Susie can help me find the answer within myself.”


What can my clients expect of me?

My skills include a capacity to listen well, and hear what is and isn’t being said.  I am a lateral and creative thinker who also has the ability to transform ideas into actions.  I am intuitive and sensitive, but not afraid to challenge and question.

  • I offer new concepts, perspectives and ideas.
  • I really listen for your truth
  • I believe in you and champion you
  • I celebrate your achievements and acknowledge your strengths
  • I hold you accountable and do not judge you
  • I expect your best and understand if you can’t be your best right now
  • I respect you and I learn from you
  • I am 100% honest in my feedback and I ’step over’ nothing
  • I use and develop my intuition
  • I am available for you between sessions
  • I smile and laugh often
  • I honour all commitments
  • I maintain a high standards of ethics
  • I am 100% present for you during our conversation and I will keep my own agenda out of all sessions
  • I fully trust that you have your own answers — my job is to help you find your own answers
  • I appreciate and act on all feedback — I am committed to being the very best I can

Contact me for an obligation-free complimentary session.


I believe that whilst we are each unique we are all connected and subject to the same fundamental laws of the universe.

Present Perfect’s Rules for Life

  • Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, if we are struggling then this is a sign that something is out of alignment Spike
  • Maybe we are struggling to achieve SOMEONE ELSE’S goals, what I term the ’shoulds’ and ‘ought-tos’
  • Perhaps we aren’t living to our real priorities. How many of us have taken the time to clarify what is really important to us and set up our lives to reflect these priorities?
  • Perhaps all that is needed is a change of attitude, a review of our definition of success
  • Perhaps if we showed ourselves a little more care and patience we would see that a few small changes would make all the difference.
  • Life is simpler and more enjoyable when we accept responsibility for everything in our life.
  • By responsibility I don’t mean to suggest that we are to blame or guilty.  I am suggesting that we consider cultivating the ability to respond; ie to be response-able. Until we take responsibility and own our issues we can’t do much about them and we are left to be a victim or a puppet.
  • The Law of Attraction states that we attract people, situations and opportunities to us.  This means life doesn’t necessarily happen randomly, but at some level we are influencing the experiences and results of our lives. It’s hard to explain how it works, but you can learn how to use it.  Simply put, we get what we focus on.  If we want to use the Law of Attraction to attract what we want, then we need to think of the Law of Attraction as the “Practice of Feeling Good.”  Be Grateful For What You Have.  When you are grateful for and truly appreciate what you already have, you will attract more to you.
  • True success is as much about enjoying the journey as it is about reaching our destination.
  • Clearly visualise your desired future and yet don’t be so attached to the outcome that you lose sight of the joy and opportunities of the process
  • Perfect the present:
    • clean up all the little things you are putting up with, the things that drain your energy
    • throw away everything that no longer supports you
    • create the perfect environment to support you

NOW is all there is

  • Death is inevitable; sorry to be so blunt. It may very well be that our essence or soul lives on after our body has gone.  However, to truly live in the Now we have to accept our mortality.  We came from NOWHERE, to NOW HERE, and we will return to NOWHERE.  Let’s make sure we DO live NOW HERE, while we can.
  • Let go of the past. The past is always in you, in the sense that it has made you who you are.  Learn the lessons from the past, but don’t get attached to your stories.
  • Don’t live FOR or IN the future.
  • Give up worrying — as my son says “I don’t worry Mum, it’s not much fun and it doesn’t do any good anyway.”   Remember, if you live with people who don’t worry, resist the temptation to do their worrying for them!
  • Live fully in the present. Be grateful, be focussed.  Enjoy the NOW for the gift it is, that’s why it’s called the Present.

Coaching Clients

Over the years many wonderful people have entered into client-coach partnerships with Present Perfect.  Self employed professionals, corporate employees, managers, students, artists, musicians, writers and small business owners.  They are based within Australia and overseas in England, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Finland, Switzerland, Italy,  Canada and India.  People of all ages ranging from 17 to 70’s. Corporate clients include Ericson, Optus and St John of God Healthcare.

I have walked alongside as my clients have made choices and taken actions and I have watched them become happier and more successful.

Here’s what some of them have to say about working with Present Perfect:

“As a result of having a life coach, I am now developing short, medium and long term plans for a fuller, healthier and more rewarding work and private life. Although there is still a lot to do, starting to confront various work and lifestyle issues is rewarding in itself. Already, small changes that have occurred directly as a result of coaching, have made a big difference. In the long term, the potential benefits from discussions, looking at options, planning and encouragement to make things happen, are significant. Life Coaching has been one of the most rewarding things I have done and represents a small investment of time and money with a major dividend.” Director of Finance

“Susie is professional, knows her stuff, treats me with respect and keeps me focused. As a result of coaching I have clarified and achieved my goals. I have achieved results faster and more easily because of coaching.” Real Estate Agent

“Susie is a great coach in that she really listens to you, hears beyond words I think, and is able to modify her interaction with you accordingly. She is a very intuitive coach and manages to motivate you in a positive and non-intrusive way. I was able to arrive at the realisation of what was at the core of my source of happiness. To understand what TRULY makes one happy, is a wonderful outcome from the experience. Thanks Susie.” Librarian, Government Utilty

“I particularly appreciate your quiet offering of a well-thought out challenging question which leads to opening another dusty window in ones’ mind/self. She listens and she thinks and then she offers a light to illuminate the next step if one wants to step forward.” Annette, Project Manager

“Susie has been my life coach for 3 months. I was ready to make some changes in my life but found myself floundering. Susie’s professionalism combined with a relaxed, friendly style made me realise she was perfect for me. I am no stranger to counsellors and self help courses. Susie’s way of dealing with current issues in a caring but pragmatic way was far more help than I had had previously.
I feel I now have some important personal insights, good habits in place, pragmatic advice to draw on and a life plan. I may have got there on my own but Susie has saved me years of floundering.” Kathy, Theatre Nurse

“I’ve always thought I was pretty good at planning and living my life. Now I KNOW that I’m good at it – but it still takes me a year to digest and put into practice what I get from my life coach in one month each year. Susie, you are my ‘God on a Harley’.” Robin, IT Project Manager

“This is such common-sense stuff and very practical, but we have just not taken the time to REALLY think about making life easier before. Why struggle when we can make it easy?” Real Estate Principal

“I love the way you are down to earth with me and I can express anything to you! When I was with a previous coach it was like she was on a pedestal! Thanks for session yesterday – you always inspire me.” Self employed professional


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