Book Downloads Available

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The new book!

Chapter One – On selfishness and self care (Chapter One, pages 11-20, as a PDF)

The Map – The art of self care requires listening and responding to the messages from your mind, body and spirit. The book explores this with the aid of a map. The map represents our journey. By reading the signs on the map we can discover where we are, and, more importantly, what direction to take in order to find our way to a better place. Download your colour map here (as a PDF 1.8MB or JPG 0.2MB)

Self Care Map

The Worksheets – The book includes worksheets to help you plan your journey to happiness. Download all worksheets here (in MS Word format)
Worksheet A1: Identifying my energy drains (What drains me?)
Worksheet A2: Exploring my energy drains (What is easy to let go of and what would be the benefits?)
Worksheet A3: What am I ready to commit to?
Worksheet B: Self Care Wells (What do I enjoy doing? What brings me pleasure? What brings me energy? What makes me smile? What makes me feel better?)
Worksheet C: My action plan