75% off Self Care isn’t Selfish course

Susie with self care book

The new book!

I’m offering 75% off the price of “Self Care isn’t Selfish” e-course to the first 10 people who order in December. That’s $60 for 7 lessons and 3 coaching calls, reduced from $240.  If you buy the course as a Christmas gift for a friend then you can also purchase the course for yourself at 80% off the normal price. That’s $48 for 7 lessons and 3 coaching calls for you.  To order: be one of the first 10 to reply to this newsletter<

If being kind, helpful and caring towards others is a natural part of who you are, but you find it hard to do something kind for yourself, this course is for you. Full details on the course content  here,
You can purchase the book at 14% discount from Book Depository. That’s $16.96 with free delivery in time for Christmas if you order by Dec 12th.

If you would like a “taster” first, you can download Chapter 1 and a copy of The Map 

Self Care Map

The Map

The art of self care requires listening and responding to the messages from your mind, body and spirit. The book explores this with the aid of a map. The map represents our journey. By reading the signs on the map we can discover where we are, and, more importantly, what direction to take in order to find our way to a better place.