Coaching Options

Individual coaching

Coaching conversations can be held over the phone or via skype.  Our schedule can be worked out to suit you, we can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Before we make any commitment to work together we will arrange a complimentary session. This gives us both the opportunity to get to know each other a little and decide whether we would like to work together. Contact me to request your no charge, no obligation, coaching call.  You can find more details, including pricing, here. 

“Wow, I honestly thought that I had it all under control until you made everything united and harmonious. I was sure that I had no problems and now I have less. The chats I had with you made so many subtle changes to my then perfect existence; my vision was clear and you clarified it; my organisation was streamlined and your sessions smoothed them out; your questions revealed a fascinating abyss to explore when I thought my understanding was deep. My life is one fun journey now” Science Co-ordinator


If you are not able or ready yet to commit to an ongoing regular time to meet, then an e-course might be just what you want. One-on-one support is included with your course. You work through each lesson at any time that is convenient to you and e-mail your completed exercises to me, I respond via email with feedback, suggestions and encouragement. You can choose to also include additional coaching calls during your course to ensure you have the level of support which works for you.


  • Live the Life You Really Want
  • Selfcare isn’t Selfish

Contact me to register your interest and I will e-mail you further information. You can find more details, including pricing, here.

“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me achieve something I believed was so far out of reach. I completed your online coaching course last year.  As part of that you helped me dream and plan for owning my own home and clearing my financial barriers. Well, I move into my first house in 2 weeks time! It’s a little cottage on a large block where I can grow veggies, have chickens and set aside a space for yoga and meditation.  All things you helped me visualise and ultimately make happen” Jo B Perth

Here is what Johanna (Finland) had to say about her course.  It makes me well up every time I listen to it .

The love that I felt from your words, the kindness that you gave to me, I am forever grateful”  Johanna at 3.28